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Frequently Asked Questions
Before You Book Your Stoop

+ Reserving your Stoop Residence

How long is the entire booking process?
The entire booking process takes about one business day from start to finish!
What are the requirements to apply for a residence?
We require proof of employment, bank statement, most recent pay stubs and photo identification/US Visa. If you are a student, we would need a letter of enrollement, bank statement and Photo ID.
Can I visit a residence before I book?
You can! To book a tour, email live@mystoop.com. Can't make it? Experience a virtual tour by clicking the 3D link in our listing descriptions. With Stoop, what you see is always what you get!
Can I use a guarantor when applying to a residence?
if you do not have the requirements to apply to a Stoop residence, you can have the help of a guarantor to apply!

+ Become a verified member

What is a verified member?
Finding your next home just got sweeter. With a one time payment of $20, a Stoop Member becomes verified to ensure optimal safety and security in our Stoops. This fee allows us to perform a standard background and credit check.
Becoming a Verified Member does not mean you have been approved for your stay, simply because some units are not available for certain dates.
Why should I become a verified member?
Do you really want to miss out on these perks? Not only does a Verified Member receive pre-approved recommendations, they can also sign a lease and move in! These members have instant access to community events, where they can meet our amazing network!
Is a credit check or background check required to book with Stoop?
As part of our seamless application process, we do require a credit and background check.
Can I book with Stoop if I am not from the U.S.?
Si! Ouai! Absolutely! The Stoop Community is full of members from all over the world. We just ask for a copy of your two most recent bank statements, Photo ID, passport and visa.
I applied to become a verified member. Why did I get denied?
As part of the verification process, members undergo a standard background and credit check. Members that get denied of this verification, simply do not meet our requirements. For a more detailed reason and further options, contact live@mystoop.com
If I get denied, what can I do?
In the event that your application has not been approved, you may contact our leasing team at live@mystoop.com for a more detailed reason and further options.

+ Payments

Which forms of payment does Stoop accept?
Stoop accepts all major credit cards at a 3% fee, and automatic payments via ACH. Money transfer, certified check and cash are not accepted. If these methods of payment do not work for you, please email live@mystoop.com
What is ACH?
ACH payment is an to electronic payment method. This secure form of payment lets you avoid the 3% fee. ACH does not accept international bank accounts and takes 48hours to process, with micro payments.
Is there a security deposit required to book a Stoop residence?
Yes, all bookings require a refundable security deposit in the amount of one month's rent. Stoop will refund a member's security deposit within 14 days of lease expiration.
Does Stoop charge a broker's fee for their residences?
Stoop does not charge a broker's fee. The only cost to members includes rent, a refundable security deposit, and a one time background check fee. Not a bad deal, huh?
Can I setup autopayments for rent?
Yes! In fact, automatic payments are accepted via ACH bank transfer and Credit Card.
Why am I being charged a membership fee?
Stoop offers move-in ready residences, at an all-inclusive monthly rate. This rate includes a $100 membership fee, which is accountable for the amenities and membership perks of each Stoop. This covers maintenance, bi-weekly cleaning, management and a community team to make the most out of your stay. As a resident, members have access to complimentary community events and can be a part of our network of young professionals. This monthly membership fee, makes this accessible in every Stoop.

+ Roommates

Can I ask for information about my roommates before booking a Stoop room?
Privacy is important to our members, and we like to keep it that way. We may disclose some general information, but we will not disclose anything that may cause discrimination such as sexual orientation, race, etc.

The best way to find out about your new roommates is to meet them!

We perform background checks on our members to ensure everyone’s safety, but if you feel uncomfortable with a roommate text your Residence Manager at home@mystoop.com
Does Stoop have residences for couples?
Stoop currently accepts one guest per bedroom, as our apartments are shared with other guests. For your roommate's sake, we ask that you book a full Stoop residence.
Are pets allowed in Stoop residences?
While the Stoop community LOVES our little furry pals, there are members who have severe pet allergies. We ask that all residences be kept free of pets.
Do you offer female-only or male-only residences?
We do! Though, it is subject to availability. Simply email live@mystoop.com to confirm gender-specific residences. Stoop also performs background checks to ensure the safety and comfort of every member!

+ Experience a Stoop residence

Are Stoop residences equipped with Wifi?
Yes, all residences are equipped with high-speed Internet access at no extra charge. The wifi password is shared within your Welcome Email upon booking, along with some helpful tips for your new home. Streaming the new season of Game Of Thrones on your ex’s Hulu account just got so much easier!
Are Utilities/Wifi included in the rent?
Yes, all rent prices include high-speed wifi, bi-weekly cleaning, electricity, gas, heat, and hot water. Say goodbye to paper billing, paperless billing, and just bills in general by putting it all on one tab!
Do all units feature the same amenities (washer/dryer/closets, etc.)?
Units vary and all amenities will be listed under the listing’s description. Every apartment features air conditioning, TV and Wifi and closet.
Will my bedroom have a lock?
Unfortunately due to fire safety and occupancy laws, Stoop cannot allow bedrooms to be under lock and key. In case of emergencies, all doors inside our apartments must be readily accessible without the use of a key especially if the bedroom leads to the fire emergency exit. We do, however, provide a safe in every bedroom to keep your personal belongings safe. If you suspect a roommate of going into your bedroom without your permission, notify us immediately by contacting your Residence Manager at home@mystoop.com
Do Stoop residences come with cable?
Does anyone still use cable in 2019? Every Stoop bedroom comes with a Chromecast device that plugs into your TV, and lets you access content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store and other services. You can also use it to stream almost any kind of content from the Chrome browser. Find our easy to use chromecast guide here.

+ Terms of stay

Can I book a Stoop residence for less than 30 days?
Unfortunately, due to New York regulations, it is not allowed to rent for less than 30 days. Stoop residences are available for 3-12+ month rentals, that are subject to seasonality.
Why can't I choose my move out date?
Stoop offers 3-12+ month leases that are subject to seasonality. We always recommend dates according to your requests and work hard, so that our residents stay with the same members throughout their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions
During Your Stoop Stay

+ Payments

When is my rent due?
Say goodbye to late payments! Your monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month and is set to automatic payments. If your payment is declined, a $100 late fee will be issued to your account.
My move-out date is near. When will I recieve my security deposit?
Why wait an eternity for a refund? Your qualifying security deposit will be refunded within 14 days of your move-out date.

+ Ready for your move-in day?

What time can I move in to my new Stoop apartment?
Move in time is between 3pm-8pm. If you need to arrive at a time outside of these hours, please email mailto:live@mystoop.com so we can best accommodate your arrival. Please note, extra fees may apply.
How do I check in?
Upon booking, you will recieve a Welcome Email within 2 days prior of your move in day. You'll find check-in instructions and guides to get you settled into your new home. If you do not recieve this email within 24 hours of your booking, please contact live@mystoop.com P.S. Check your junk / spam folders first as sometimes the email can be there!
What time is check out?
The check out time is 11am. Tenants who do not fully move out by 11am on the last day of their lease may be subject to additional fees.
What are the check out instructions? Where do I leave my key?
Check out is at 11am sharp! Upon checking out, kindly take all belongings with you. This includes clothes, toiletries, groceries and trash. Unless told otherwise by your Resident Manager, simply leave your key inside the bedroom.

+ Getting settled

What are the WiFi credentials?
Please check the Welcome Email you received prior to arriving at your new Stoop space. The WiFi credentials can be found in your apartment guide. Having trouble finding it? Contact your Residence Manager at home@mystoop.com
Can I add or re-arrange furniture in my unit?
Each Stoop space has been thoughtfully designed to meet your functional needs. If you feel there is something missing, feel free to rearrange or add to the space only in ways that ensure no damage would be done to the space. All Stoop spaces and units are required to be left in the same conditions you found them upon check-in.
Does Stoop provide me with disposable supplies?
We've got you covered! Our team stocks each residence during our bi-weekly cleaning. The supplies include: paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, garbage bags, toilet paper roll, Fantastik spray, Windex spray, and sponges.
May I use the locked cabinets inside the apartment to store personal items?
The locked cabinets inside your apartments are for the Stoop cleaning staff only. Please do not attempt to break into, or use these cabinets. Breaking the supply cabinets will not only result in damage to the space, but acts as a direct violation of the Stoop House Rules.

+ House Rules

What if I break the House Rules, or Roommate Agreement?
Our team provides House Rules upon every member's move in, to assure a safe and productive environment.

If a member breaks any of the House Rules, Stoop will not renew or extend the member's lease. Members that do not comply will be liable for a penalty fee of $200.
Is smoking allowed in Stoop residences?
No, Stoop residences are strictly non-smoking. Stoop homes are drug-free spaces, and e-cigarettes or vapes are no exception.
Are guests allowed to stay overnight?
Out of respect and the comfort of your roommates, overnight guests must be approved by Stoop, with a maximum of 3 nights per month

+ What's included in my Stoop Residence?

Does my Stoop residence include a washer and dryer?
Simply check the ameneties section in your Stoop residence listing to confirm if a washer/dryer is included. If your Stoop apartment does not show it comes with an in-unit washer and dryer then congratulations, you are one step closer to becoming a true New Yorker. Most Stoop apartments have laundry rooms in the building where you can wash and dry for a minimal cost (the average wash in NYC can run about $2.50). Need help finding a local laundromat? Reach out to the Community Manager for help at community@mystoop.com.
Does Stoop pay for my laundry?
We respect your delicates and personal preference. While most Stoop apartments offers an in-home washer/dryer or laundry rooms in the building, Stoop is not responsible for your laundry. A local tip? Laundromats offer weekday specials and free soap. Reach out to the Community Manager for more tips at community@mystoop.com.
What if I want an extra cleaning service?
Simply email home@mystoop.com for your next scheduled cleaning. Not enough? We will provide you with our affiliated servicers.
Why doesnt my room look like / have the same things as another room?
Stoop residences vary in size, functionality, pricepoints, and design. Each listing was detailed to reflect everything included with the unit, and common areas associated. Cant figure out if a space is right for you? Contact live@mystoop.com to learn more about each unit.
Why is my rate different than other people's within the master apartment?
Each rate varies based on room size, design, functionality, and length of stay
Why is the same apartment priced differently, during different months?
All prices are subject to change according to demand. Our prices are dynamic so each time you lease, they may vary according to the time of the year you book! Stoop makes all pricing clear in advance, and will never charge additional hidden fees.

+ Reporting an issue

What should I do if I have an issue with my utilities, internet, appliances, etc.?
Don’t worry, Stoop’s got your back! For immediate solutions to your residence, contact your resident manager at home@mystoop.comhome@mystoop.com.
What should I do if I have a problem with a roommate?
Our productive Stoop community does great in resolving minor roommate issues. If this issue is consistent or has escalated to a point of no return, please notify your Residence Manager at home@mystoop.com If you feel physically threatened or in danger please immediately contact 911 and your Residence Manager.We
What qualifies for a Stoop refund?
Every issue is different. Our team will evaluate the gravity of the situation and issue [full or partial] discounts on qualified issues.
How can I submit a maintence request?
Toilets get clogged and windows sometimes need to get fixed. Report a maintence issue to your Resident manager and schedule a repair at hoem@mystoop.com
How can I report the damaged furniture in my residence?
Forget the stress. Simply report damaged furniture by sending us a photo within 3 days and we'll take it from here.
What can I do if I find pests in my residence?
Congratulations, you are a certified New Yorker! With a city so alive, it can happen. Get rid of your worry by emailing your Residence Manager immedietly at home@mystoop.com.

+ Locked outside your residence?

What should i do if I lose my keys?
To avoid the $100 lockout fee, we recommend contacting your other roommates for help getting inside your home. If that doesn't work, please email your Residence Manager at hoem@mystoop.com
What if my smartlock stops working?
First things first, contact your other roommates for help getting inside your home. We'll have to reset or troubleshoot your smartlock on our end. Notify your residence manager immedietly at home@mystoop.com.

+ Terms of stay

Can I switch Stoop residences before my lease is up?
In certain cases, we do allow switching Stoop residences with 30 days notice. Please reach out to our leasing team at live@mystoop.com for assistance.
What if I like a different room in the same Stoop apartment more than my own room?
You may be charged a different Pro Rata Share of your monthly rent. Cleaning fees will apply in any early termination or switching.
What do I do if I need to shorten the length of my stay?
Please refer to the lease termination option in your lease. For further assistance, our leasing team can be contacted at live@mystoop.com.
Can I extend my Stoop stay?
Flexibility is what makes Stoop so unique. To extend your stay, shoot us an email at live@mystoop.com

If your desired dates are available in your current resdience, we will book your new dates instantly! If it is not available, we will gladly find an available Stoop residence nearby.
What if I need to cancel my stay?
Sometimes life can get in the way and plans can change. To cancel a stay before your move in date, provide the reason of your cancelation to live@mystoop.com. If you are a Stoop Member, As soon as we confirm the modifaction to your lease, you're free move out to your new desired date.

+ Legal

Why does my lease say one year if I am only renting for (short term)?
All our leases are structured as a year lease so that it fits all the dates of our members! Each tenant is however only responsible of their share of the rent and dates as listed on the signature page!
What is a Stoop lease?
This is a standard lease that is required for long term reservations as per NY Laws. It includes your individual lease term and portion of the rent.